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Mirror of Our Times

According to a report in The Hindu (Karnataka edition, 16 September), a nine-year-old girl living with her aunt near the Idgah area of Chamarajapete in the heart of Bangalore took the city railway police for a ride by falsely claiming that she had been kidnapped.

Racketeering in the Name of Religion

The decision of the Karnataka government to subsidise “weekend” pilgrimages by the poor in the state is entirely of a piece with the spreading racketeering under the mask of religiosity in the state and, indeed, in the country.

South Africa: Icon of Another Kind Goes

The death of Helen Suzman, a member for 36 years of the "parliament" of apartheid South Africa has evoked fulsome tributes. An honest tribute would portray a complex life and a multifaceted personality of a person who also saw a moral equivalence between the violence of the apartheid regime and the violent resistance of the African National Congress.

Kannada Exclusivism: Latecomer to the Game

kannada exclusivism: Latecomer to the Game M S Prabhakara This is a collection of 46 articles written over a period of 12 years,

On 'Communal Lines'

Consider this imagined scenario. The Pakistan cricket team is playing against India in one of the major cities.

Message of 'Six Days That Shook Delhi'

The trajectory of the gurjar mahasabha-led agitation and its apparent resolution in a matter of just six days (‘Gurjar Mobilisation’, June 9) is likely to send some important messages to the leaders of the six other backward class (OBC) communities in Assam, the ahom, the chutia, the matak, the m

Vast Moneys Involved

The “asphyxiation to death by manual strangulation” by persons yet unknown of Pakistan’s cricket coach Bob Woolmer has been an occasion for lots of pietistic tributes to the dead man’s virtues, and bravado that the tournament would go on come what may.

Separatist Movements in the North-East

This article attempts to present the real agenda of the various separatist projects that are at work in the north-east region of India. Though the discussion is essentially about the working of such projects in Assam, the general principles outlined are applicable, with suitable modifications, to other separatist movements in the region as well.

Assam: Updating the Past

The recent killings of Hindi-speaking migrant workers in Assam have sparked an outrage against the United Liberation Front of Asom. It is also likely that the state's hitherto "ding-dong" responses that have culminated in the deployment of the armed forces will soon evoke an equal outrage.

A Death, Barely Noticed

P W Botha presided over a most oppressive white minority regime that excluded the majority of South Africans from any kind of political participation. Official reactions to Botha's death indicate a subdued willingness to reassess his role but there can be little doubt that even in his own lifetime that saw rapid change in South Africa, Botha and the system he presided over had been well reduced to an anachronism.

Tribute: Strini Moodley`s Legacy

Strini Moodley's death on April 27, 2006 brings to an end a sui generis life of political engagement and commitment towards the liberation of the people of South Africa. This engagement was, however, situated within an ideological framework outside of, and in some ways even opposed to, that of the African National Congress and its allies. This distinguished and demarcated Moodley's personality, the political direction of his life and achievements, as also, perhaps, his angularities and failures.


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