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Economic Growth and Human Development in Indian States

This paper evaluates relative performance of 15 major Indian states on human development, and examines the two-way nexus between economic growth and human development. The estimates of cross-sectional growth regressions provide strong evidence of regional convergence in human development despite considerable divergence in real per capita income, indicating that the poor states that have failed to catch up with the rich ones in terms of per capita income have managed to catch up in terms of human development. The classification of the states based on their performance on HD and EG reveals that while only four states have been in the virtuous cycle category, as many as seven states have been in vicious cycle. The results suggest that the sequencing of policy should be such that the HD-induced growth process has to be strengthened for lifting the states from the vicious to virtuous cycle category.

Agricultural Development, Agrarian Structure and Rural Poverty in West Bengal

and Rural Poverty in West Bengal Madhusudan Ghosh The primary concern of this paper is to examine the effects of agricultural development and agrarian structure on rural poverty in West Bengal The changes that have taken place in the agrarian structure seem to have reduced the incidence of rural poverty via agricultural development channel, but at the same time have generated adverse effects on it via direct distributional channel. Agricultural performance appears to have alleviated rural poverty through trickle-down effect. Lahour-productivity-augmenting growth in agriculture appears to have stronger effect in reducing rural poverty than any other growth process that does not augment labour productivity significantly.

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