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Peasant China

Consciousness Majid H Siddiqi Understanding Peasant China: Case Studies in the Philosophy of Social Science by Daniel Little; Yale University Press, London, 1989; pp 322.

Establishing Connections

Subaltern Studies VI. Writings on South Asian History and Society edited by Ranajit Guha; Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1989; pp 335, Rs 200.
THIS volume's contents are extremely diverse. Perhaps the best way to inform readers as to why this is so is to refer to three review essays that have appeared on the earlier volumes of this series: by Dipankar Gupta, Rosalind O'Hanlon and Chris Bayly in Peasant Studies, Modem Asian Studies and Journal of Peasant Studies. In these review articles the respective authors have commented upon very nearly all the issues that have in one way or another surfaced in the series. That plenitude of topics, researched or merely commented upon (there is a distinction), makes for the diversity of issues discussed in this, the sixth, volume It may not be a bad idea to begin to think of the subaltern studies series now as one would of a journal.

Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid Dispute-The Question of History

Secondly, the very principle that universities should be alike is wrong. There are enormous differences between universities in India, in the quality of teachers, the standard of students, the availability of books and journals, and so on. JNU can and should require its MA students to read much more than Agra University. Of course the standards of Agra University should improve but this can best be done by analysing its own problems and resources; and of course outside help (not just money) should be available.

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