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An Expanded Perspective of Doing Philosophy

Satya Pal Gautam was a scholar in philosophy but his wide-ranging interests in literature, poetry and music made him a wonderful conversationalist and teacher. He played a key role in building up teachers’ organisations in the Panjab University.

Casteism amongst Punjabis in Britain

Despite clear evidence of caste-based discrimination, harassment and victimisation, Punjabis in Britain stand divided on identifying with the victims of casteism. In the context of legislative, religious and academic contestations on caste discrimination in Britain, this article argues for acknowledging casteism where it exists.

Runaway Marriages


The web version of this article corrects a few errors that appeared in the print edition.

Legal opinion in some quarters refuses to acknowledge the irreversibility of the change brought about by the revolt against or defiance of age-old norms. This refusal is revealed in the negative opinions, especially of women who run away to marry out of their caste. The underlying beliefs in "equality of all" and "humanism", which seem to give a lot of these women the courage to break free of caste and marry the men of their choice, are not given any credence. This paper, based on fieldwork in Punjab, argues that such views are based less on fact and more on prejudice - the "seen-unseen" - letting a silent revolution go unnoticed.

Arrest of Punjabi Publishers and Editors

The arrest of two Punjabi publishers and two editors for reprinting books of poet Babu Rajab Ali which allegedly contained some then-used caste names under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act is a thoughtless, callous and ruthless ­action taken by the Punjab g

Representation for Women

Justifications for gender quotas in legislative bodies must move beyond an evaluation of the consequences of such a policy. It is a mistake to think that gender quotas will essentialise or trap women in their identity as women. Different women have been excluded from parliamentary politics in different ways, and it is necessary to devise political measures for their inclusion which take these differences into account.

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