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Cross-border Trafficking of Bangladeshi Girls

India, a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking, does not explicitly recognise and punish all forms of labour trafficking to the extent required by the United Nations Trafficking Protocol. A study conducted on human trafficking in five districts of West Bengal highlights urgent need for cooperation between the governments of India and Bangladesh, for participation of governmental institutions and civil society organisations, the importance of monitoring of the implementation of anti-trafficking laws, and the need for a database of victims as well as the specific safeguards to protect victims, etc.

Rehabilitation Policy

In the early 1990s, after decades of political discontent, thousands of Kashmiri men travelled across the Line of Control for arms training to seek independence from India. However, soon many became disillusioned and looked at the possibilities of return. In 2010, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir announced a rehabilitation policy for them. However, the ex-militants generally avoid the designated points mainly to evade possible arrest by the Indian security forces and the cumbersome documentation process. This article argues that the criterion for return through these points is flawed, since it has failed to attract ex-militants, and those who returned through other points were not entitled to the benefits of the rehabilitation policy.

Civilians Caught in Crossfire

India and Pakistan are parties to the Geneva Conventions which are the keystones of International Humanitarian Law. However, notwithstanding the IHL, whenever both belligerents engage in ceasefire violations, indiscriminate firing and shelling across the Line of Control and international border, the civilians residing in these areas are subject to fearsome violence. This study points out that escalation of violence along the Indo-Pak border has enormous physical, economic and psychosocial ramifications on the lives of civilians in these areas.

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