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Public Health for Private Gain-Proposal for New Institute

Proposal for New Institute N H Antia THE proposal of the Johns Hopkins University to establish an Institute of Public Health for Asia in Kerala on the lines of their own School of Public Health raises many questions on what is undoubtedly a vital aspect of health care for countries like ours. It needs careful consideration.

World Bank and India s Health

World Bank and India's Health N H Antia The World Bank report for 1993 clearly favours the inegalitarian health system adopted by the ruling elite in the country by supporting cuts in public health expenditure in the name of fiscal correction.

Intellectual Property Rights

N H Antia Almost everything in use today has been developed through human ingenuity over the millennia and has been accessible to all. But now there is a sudden interest in converting human intellect and ingenuity into another tool for ruthless exploitation regardless of the consequences. This can only be understood in the historical perspective.

Medical Education In Need of Cure

N H Antia While the medical profession has played an important role in determining the health status of the country, it has also been responsible for the distortions in the health care system. What can be done to change the situation?

Poor Health Services Who Is to Blame

'Ptrestroika, the 19th Party Conference and Foreign Policy', International Affairs, No 8, 'The Party Conference: A Foreign Policy
'The Party Conference: A Foreign Policy Dimension', International Affairs, No 9, August 1988. Ivanov, Yuri, 'Some Problems of Non Capitalist Development', Asia and Africa Today, Kiva, Alexei, 'Socialist Orientation: Reality and

Controlling Tuberculosis

of increase, in as many as 100 districts, of 2.71 per cent. These 100 districts are those in which output grew at more than 3 per cent, thus establishing the "labour suction mechanism". So high a workforce growth rate in so manydistricts, at a time when the national workforce grew only at 1.86 per cent, is very surprising.

An Alternative Strategy for Health Care-The Mandwa Project

An Alternative Strategy for Health Care?
The Mandwa Project N H Antia The failure to deliver health care especially to the rural poor who form the majority of the population is because of the dearth of appropriate strategies and a lack of professional and political will. The Mandwa project was set up to explore the possibilities of using an alternative strategy for providing health services. The author describes how in the course of six years the experiment generated not only an understanding of what may be achieved in healthcare with appropriate methods, but also of the resistance of the local power structure and the medical professionals to such strategies.

Health for All A Reaffirmation

Health for All: A Reaffirmation ON behalf of the ICSSR/ICMR Study Group on "Health for All: An Alternative Strategy" I would like to thank D Banerji for bringing out several aspects of our Report, both in agreement and dissent, and thus helping to further the national debate on this document ('Treating the Symptoms'', June

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