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Displacing Godavari and Its People

When Godavari Comes: People's History of a River--Journeys in the Zone of the Dispossessed by R Umamaheshwari, New Delhi: Aakar Books, 2014; pp 486 + xviii, Rs 595.

Ganti Prasadam

Assassinated by the enemies of the people on 4 July in Nellore, Ganti Prasadam's legacy, which has taken root in the political culture of the Maoist movement in Andhra Pradesh, will grow and bear fruit.

Ganti Prasadam - His Legacy Cannot Be Erased

Assassinated by the enemies of the people on July 4 in Nellore, Ganti Prasadam’s legacy, which has taken root in the political culture of the Maoist movement in Andhra Pradesh, will grow and bear fruit.  

R S Rao: An Intellectual in the Marxist-Maoist Tradition

A political economist, statistician, dialectician, teacher, writer, public speaker, master storyteller, a person with a high sense of humour, a very sharp brain and a consistent friend, guide, sympathiser, and critic of people's movements, all combined into one - that was R S Rao. The intellectual world that supports people's movements, in general, and the Naxalbari line, in particular, has lost a highly perceptive and influential spirit.

Why Not India?

Even as the mass upsurges in the Arab world give new hope to progressives all over the world and instil confi dence in the strength of the masses, the pathetic situation of indifference and inaction in India causes despair.

A Humane Philosopher

A tribute to K G Kannabiran, the lawyer, civil rights activist and enunciator of constitutional rights, who for more than half a century fought for the rights of the oppressed and the victims of violence across the country. K G Kannabiran, 82, died in Hyderabad on 30 December 2010.

Killing Azad

The State on 2 July killed in cold blood Cherukuri Rajkumar, popularly known as Azad, spokesperson of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), along with freelance journalist Hemchandra Pandey.

Fake Encounters: Story from Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra police have a gory history of killing political opponents, as also "unmanageable" persons, all in the name of "encounters". The state of Andhra Pradesh inherited this horrifying tradition of liquidation from the Nizam's police (1946-48) and subsequently from the union government, both during the Telangana movement (1946-51). The policy of "encounters" was revived in the 1960s. It has continued up to the present, the most well known recent example being the killing of the CPI (M-L) Janasakthi, Riaz and three others, on July 1, 2005.

Andhra Pradesh: Where Writing Becomes Unlawful

The recent clampdown on the Naxalite groups by the government of Andhra Pradesh was soon followed by a ban on the state's 35-year-old writers' association, Virasam. Although Virasam has undergone such harassment earlier, the question that needs to be answered is why a writers' association, which has done so much for the development of Telugu literature, should be declared "unlawful".

KVR- A Multi-Faceted Revolutionary Writer

bow this can be done are given below:
* Forestry can be converted into a major employment area by including local people in tree planting, nursery growing, forest produce sale, etc.

In Tune with Brahminical Legacy-Curtailing Debate by Invoking Karma

In Tune with Brahminical Legacy Curtailing Debate by Invoking 'Karma' REACTING to my critique of the traditional sciences congress ('Learning from a Legacy: How and What', February 5) L Kannan (Traditional Sciences and Technology', June 11) started off by saying that my way of looking at things "precludes any meaningful debate". I wonder if Kannan treats his own intervention as meaningless, since my piece at least did not preclude his debate! Kannan's is as brahminical a piece as can be, not only in skirting around the real issues, but also in using choicest epithets against the adversary. Rrahminism has developed over-killing as an art: it has 'sahasranama' to praise and as many abuses to denounce. In the same manner, Kannan used words and terms like disappointing, inadequate, effete intellectual reflex, archaic doctrinaire goggles, juvenile, gross lack of under-standing, paranoia, amusing, antiseptic talk, hog wash. armchair intellectual, slavish adherence to alien ideological baggage, petrified time warp, shibboleths, voodoo, intellectual underworld, etc, against me, my critique and my point of view.

Politics of Nuclear Power in Andhra

Politics of Nuclear Power in Andhra Almost all the major national parties are, with the ruling Telugu Desam, pressing for a nuclear power plant in Andhra.

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