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Not Just America's War

The war against terrorism is not merely America's war but that of the world order against disorder.

ICSSR and Social Science Research

Some of the problems bedevilling the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) in the context of the ongoing debate on the state of social science research in the country.

Battle for Jaffna

India's interests are not threatened, whatever the outcome of the violent conflict in Sri Lanka. Also, solutions offered by outsiders do not work. India should give support short of sending troops, and no more.

Ethnicity and Citizenship in Sri Lanka

The Jaffna Plan that the government has initiated for the reconstruction of Jaffna's shattered economy is in the right direction, but more is required in the political domain. Even more importantly, it is necessary to create an atmosphere for the Tamils of Sri Lanka to express their Sri Lankan identity regardless of their ethnic and cultural roots.

A Glimpse of Sri Lanka s History

Partha S Ghosh J R Jayewardene of Sri Lanka: A Political Biography, Vol II, From 1956 to His Retirement (1989) by De Silva, K M and Howard Wriggins; Leo Cooper, London, 1994; pp XIV + 754 + 64 plates, price not stated.

Sinhala-Tamil Ethnic Conflict and India

The India-Sri Lanka accord forced Sri Lanka to convert itself from a unitary state into a federal one and agree at least temporarily to a merger of the northern and eastern provinces. But historically and politically, a federal structure is not in tune with the politics of Sri Lanka.

UNITED STATES-Conservative Judiciary Threatens Civil Rights

Conservative Judiciary Threatens Civil Rights Partha S Ghosh Conservatism has a tradition of its own in American history. What1 Reagan achieved was to give this conservative ascendancy a somewhat longer spell. Drawing lessons from his conservative predecessors he changed the composition of the Supreme Court in such a way that his legacy would be preserved even after he vacated the White House.


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