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Palestine : Multiple Faces of Intifada

Now entering its sixth month, the 'Al-Aksa Intifada' as it has been baptised by the Palestinian leadership has changed many aspects of the confrontation with the Israeli occupation. With Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel, the uprising faces even more tests and challenges.

More War in Angola

similar Tibetological centres in Sarnath, Bhutan, Ladakh and in the west, Sinha felt himself more at home with the world of Mahayana Buddhism, There- ANGOLA appears to be heading for a new war Since August, both the Angolan government and UNITA have been preparing for what could be another bloody confrontation in a country which has been suffering heavily over the last 25 years. Several internal and external factors are to be analysed in order to understand current trends.

Days of Action in Toronto-Big Bang in Canada s Politics

Big Bang in Canada's Politics OCTOBER 25, 1996 was the scene of the biggest strike in Canada's history. Toronto, the largest Canadian city as well as the industrial and financial heartland of Canada, was paralysed by a labour and community- based coalition, protesting against the current policies of the provincial government, led by theright wing Conservative Party of Premier Mike Harris. The next day, the largest demonstration ever held in the country happened in the same city, bringing together 2,00,000 people demanding the end of neo-liberal policies, focusing on cutbacks against social services, education and health, and massive retrenchments in the private and public sectors.

Crisis of Nationalism Back to the Future

Pierre Beaudet While some see neo-nationalism as a way out of the crisis of the big, centralised states, the cynical strategists of the 'new world order' perceive the phenomenon as a fertile ground for manipulation and control.

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