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Tagores and Indigenous Modernity in Bengal

Tagores before Tagore: A Screenplay by Sibaji Bandopadhyay, translated from Bengali by Maharghya Chakraborty,India: OUP, 2018; pp xxxiv + 192,695.


Rabindranath’s Praxis

Bhikhu Parekh observed that a possible reason why Gandhi perennially addressed Rabindranath Tagore as “The Poet” was that it implicitly classified him (and marginalised his many critical observations) as an impractical person of the imagination.

Rabindranath Tagore’s Theology of Work

Taking the distinctive meaning of intimacy as its starting point, this paper explores Rabindranath Tagore’s notion of the relational self and the commitment to work. The idea of work as connecting relationships that make up the world, is something that is derived from neo-Vedantic conceptions that privilege the concerns of this world. Institutionally, this translates into various forms of cooperation of which cooperatives are the primary mode. The paper concludes with some of the dilemmas of Rabindranath’s conception of praxis that go beyond a measurement of success and failure.

From Democratic Autonomy to Authoritarian Sovereignty

Delhi University’s academic reforms reveal the dangers of a new style of administration emerging in Indian universities that replaces multi-level autonomous academic deliberation with centralised sovereign decision making.

Representations of Empire

Colonial India and the Making of Empire Cinema: Image, Ideology and Identity by Prem Chowdhry; Vistaar Publications, New Delhi, 2001; pp 294, Rs 450.

Dying Hindus-Production of Hindu Communal Common Sense in Early 20th Century Bengal

The discursive power of Hindu communalism does not spring exclusively from single texts or even a chain of them as from the swift creation of a popular network of certain tropes, themes, structures of apprehension and reform, at the heart of which functions a single mobile trope to provide the necessary ideological orientation. This produces a formation of immense potency and amazing flexibility. For, it constantly accretes new meanings, whole traditions to itself producing from its formative moment a web of thought that ranges from stereotypes to statistical and sociological analysis.

Teachers Strike The DUTA Experience

Experience Tanika Sarkar Sumit Sarkar Pradip Kumar Datta Few middle class professions have been able to sustain a strike for such a long time in the face of a two-month long wage cut as the Delhi University teachers have done. An exceptionally high level of direct democracy has provided the underpinning for such resilience.

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