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Instigators of Murderous Mobs

Journalism, and the media, registered their presence on the Indian scene from the second half of the 19th century as part of a wider upheaval in Indian society and a response to British colonialism. From day one, to a large extent, they had chosen their sides.

Doing Science

The absence of affordable, high-quality books and magazines on science, especially in regional languages, could imperil the existence of a democratic, rational society.

Cuba-US Relations

The United States (US) has taken off Cuba from its State Department’s terror list, and it appears that both are set on the path of engaging each other diplomatically after some 60 years of open hostility by the US towards a tiny brave island neighbou

Politics over Economics

This is with reference to the EPW editorial “An Economics That Demystifies Economics” (EPW, 21 September 2013) and the letter “New Language of Economics” (EPW, 30 November 2013). Economics and politics have a dialectical relationship.

Vicious Cycle of Power

The article by Badri Narayan, “Democracy and Violence” (EPW, 6 April 2013) appears to suggest that the increasing number of democratic institutions and their further democratisation is leading to violence and anarchy in the hinterland.

Retrograde Politics

This is with reference to the article “Modi’s Gujarat and Its Little Illusions” by Neera Chandhoke (EPW, 8 December 2012). Although the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power in Gujarat since 1995, the state does have an effective two-party system.

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