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The Future of Progressive Politics in India

The challenge for progressives is not mobilising those who already feel an affinity with the core values enshrined in India’s Constitution and believe in a liberal, secular, and democratic India. The challenge is to convince the silent majority of India which is either not unduly bothered about the threat posed by Hindutva or feels that these very values somehow undermine their identity and culture.

Reconceptualising India's Civilisational Basis

Questioning the aggressive pursuit of the urban-industrial versionof development which is resource-intensive and anti-poor, this article proposes a radical rethink of the current development practices as well as a reconceptualisation of our civilisational basis. Ruralisation, an alternative development paradigm, which entails creation of self-sufficient villages and urban republics with attached common pool resources, can be adopted to promote equitable and sustainable local economic development and decentralised governance.

Exclusionary Inclusion

The Bharatiya Janata Party has calculatingly couched their anti-minority slanted race myth in the idea of nationalism, and combined it with a protest against fossilised institutions and political norms. This has helped produce a potent illusion which has paid rich electoral dividends to the BJP, and which no party seems to be able to dispel. This article argues that the ideological antagonism of BJP and the Sangh Parivar to Congress values is, by extension, a veiled opposition to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India.

Recreating the Congress Movement

This reflection on the unprecedented electoral defeat of the Congress in the recent general elections argues that the party has lost its connect with the masses. To regain this, it asks for a recreation of the spiritual politics of M K Gandhi to combine it with an organisational rejuvenation of the Congress Party.

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