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Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan: Power Play of Vested Interests

Ethnic and economic disparities between the Kyrgyz and Uzbek may have contributed to the recent clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan. However, a campaign by former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his supporters to destabilise the government of Roza Otunbayeva cannot be ruled out. The reluctance of Russia and the United States to intervene further complicated the situation. The interim government created history by bringing about constitutional reforms through a referendum, but problems remain.

Russia: Social Impact of Economic Crisis

The Russian economy faced a serious crisis in 2009, triggered by the global recession but aggravated by domestic policy defi ciencies, including an overdependence on oil exports, a lack of diversifi cation, overcentralisation of decision-making and widespread corruption. The huge infl ow of petrodollars, with rising international prices for hydrocarbon resources until the middle of 2008, had made the Russian leadership complacent. The economic crisis resulted in worsening conditions of infrastructure, rising unemployment, labour strikes, and widening income disparities. Given the magnitude of the decline in 2009 and the persistence of many problems, not much of a relief is likely in 2010 for the people of Russia.

Indo-Russian Economic Ties: Advantage Russia

Given the stagnant Indo-Russian bilateral trade and increasing difficulties in military and technological cooperation, the recent visit to India of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev may help to restore a relationship that has cooled since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Putin's Economic Formula for Russia

Russia's economy has been booming under Putin, but is this based on strong foundations for sustained growth?

Boris Yeltsin's Controversial Legacy

The recent death of Boris Yeltsin drew varied and contradictory assessments of his tenure as the first president of the Russian Republic after the break-up of the Soviet Union. While western leaders uniformly extolled him as a democrat, in his own country many remembered his mistakes.

Oil and Politics in Russia

With huge oil and natural gas resources, Russia is aiming not only to maximise its economic gain from energy exports, but also to regain the countryâ??s earlier powerful position in the world. This article examines how energy has been used as an instrument to enhance Russiaâ??s global political ambitions.

Central Asia: Great Game Replayed?

Great Game Replayed?
(1) Central Asia: The Challenges of Independence edited by Boris Rumer and Stanislav Zhukov; Aakar Books, New Delhi, 2003; pp ix+307+tables, Rs 650.

Presidential Eelectionsin Ukraine: Conflicts and Challenges

With Viktor Yushchenko's convincing victory, Ukraine has entered a new phase in the post-Soviet era. Even as commentators continue to discuss the election, several questions arise. What factors contributed to the victory of Yushchenko and why did Viktor Yanukovich lose? Why was there such a great interest by Russia and the west in the election? What are the challenges the country might face in the near future?

Russia After Beslan

Why was Beslan the target of terrorists? What are the causes of terrorism in Russia? Has the country failed in its domestic policies on security? How do the Russian leaders propose to deal with terrorism?

'Russia on Trial'

US analysts see the case against Russia's two billionaires in a Moscow court as a trial of the country's democratic and political institutions. Russia is seen to have failed in completing a successful transition to a stable secure democratic society.

Expansion of NATO

The accession of the Baltic states to the NATO alliance has generated strong reactions in Moscow. Russia and NATO have differences on many counts and certain recent events have exacerbated them. Moreover, Russia was not in favour of the Baltic states joining the EU on the grounds that they violated various provisions for membership. Russia's policy-makers have adopted a two-pronged strategy: strong disapproval when required even while participating in coordinated efforts to bring pressure on NATO.

Russia: Presidential Elections

The December 2003 elections to the Duma clearly showed the importance of V Putin and there is little reason to believe that the forthcoming presidential elections will not once again see him emerge victor.


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