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Science and the Scientist in a Changing Climate

Is sustainability an idea, a science, a philosophy or a way of life? The premise of this article is that sustainability is all of these and more. Furthermore, science and technology of both today and the future must be re-visioned to understand and enable sustainability.

PDS and the Rise of NCDs in Rural India

Is there a connection between the public distribution system (PDS) and the increasing reports on the high incidences of Type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in rural India and among the poor in urban India?

Foreground Local Contexts

The critique on the MGNREGA in the context of Biodiversity Conservation (Mathew K Sebastian and P A Azeez, “MGNREGA and Biodiversity Conservation”, EPW, 8 March 2014) points to two critical issues that pervade all the “development” or “poverty alleviation” programmes in India – one, relevance to

Poor Implementation of FRA

This is with reference to the article by M Gopinath Reddy et al (“Issues Related to Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Andhra Pradesh”, 30 April 2011) on implementation of the Forest Rights Act (FRA) in Andhra Pradesh (ap).

Sustainable Food Production and Consumption

Current methods of food production and consumption are imposing a severe burden on the environment and the constituent natural resources. New production and processing methods driven by biotechnology (genetically modified organisms (GMOs), hormones and other growth promoters) affect food safety. Are alternative more sustainable patterns of food production and consumption feasible? The paper examines some consumer initiatives in Asia and in the UK to examine how the consumer as a 'market force' can proactively influence the food industry, thereby making sustainable practices the norm rather than the exception. It also looks at the significance of empowering women, as consumers, with awareness and education on food safety, nutrition and its dependence on sustainable practices to exert a 'pull' on the market. Finally the paper discusses a multi-pronged approach involving, besides consumer pressure, policy changes, regulatory efforts and economic instruments to steer food production and consumption in a more sustainable direction.

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