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Storage Losses of Foodgrains-A Case Study in UP

A Case Study in UP S C Jain Rajvir Singh Storage is usually the most responsible factor for the post-harvest physical losses of foodgrains. Such tosses involve a national waste.

Consumer Preference in Wheat

Consumer Preference in Wheat HIGH-YIELDING Mexican dwarf varieties of wheat, popularly known as Sonora and Lerma Rojo are being produced because of their higher net return as compared with local varieties. The new varieties, however, suffer from some initial handicaps like unattractive colour, small size of grain, lack of taste and prejudice against its foreign origin. As such this grain lacks consumers' preference. Consequently, they fetch a lower market price as compared with the local varieties. If the price differentials widen it is quite possible that the high-yielding varieties programme might suffer a setback.

Farmers Attitude toward Use of Credit

tical nationality, a race, a sex, or a religion. They are not even property which can be "owned" exclusively by anyone. They are universal inheritances. Anybody can learn any language if he has the need and the facility, English is also an "Indian" language since it is the mother-tongue of some "Indian" nationals, including the Anglo-Indians, a minority recognised in the Indian Constitution. As Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court, M C Chagla, in his famous judgment in 1964, affirmed that English was an "Indian" language and the "more important Indian language". The Bombay government, which went in appeal to the Supreme Court, did not challenge that affirmation. In consequence, the highest judicial affirmation to date is that English is an "Indian" language.

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