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No Endosulfan-related Health Challenges in Kasaragod?

Responding to K M Sreekumar and K D Prathapan’s paper “An Evidence-based Inquiry into the Endosul­fan Tragedy in Kasaragod, Kerala” (EPW, 9 October 2021, pp 45–53), some of the data from the original paper is reanalysed to arrive at different conclusions.

Community Medicine

In the 1970s and 1980s medical education became the focus of critique and discussion all over the world. The WHO-initiated movement to reorient medical education (ROME) became a springboard for change in curricula, teaching methods and materials. In India too this movement had an impact. A critical component of ROME was a re-examination of the biomedical model in order to incorporate concepts directly influenced by social contexts. It would be logical to assume that textbooks, especially of community medicine currently being used, would reflect the changed perceptions. Do they?

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