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If You Want Non-proliferation, Prepare for Disarmament

The problem of nuclear weapons proliferation cannot be addressed without a commitment to the process of disarmament by the major nuclear weapons states. Unless disarmament is undertaken through an universal nuclear weapons convention, the world would continue to be in danger of nuclear weapon usage.

North Korea Test as Spur to Nuclear Disarmament

It truly is remarkable how those who worship at the altar of nuclear weapons condemn others wishing to join their sect as heretics. The problem is not nuclear proliferation, but nuclear weapons. The solution therefore is not non-proliferation, but nuclear disarmament through a universal, non-discriminatory, verifiable and enforceable nuclear weapons convention, modelled on the lines of the chemical weapons convention.

Selecting the Next UN Secretary General

Because of the post-Volcker report push for major management reforms of the UN, the lingering rancour of the failure of major reforms and the domineering role of the US, the election of the next UN secretary general may not run true to past precedents.

Iraq War and Iran's Nuclear Challenge

The Iraq war has had a corrosive effect on the capacity of the international community to fashion a robust collective response to the Iranian challenge. Simply put, Iraq has tilted the balance of financial, political and diplomatic advantage towards Tehran. Fidelity to international regimes, laws and institutions must be required of and demonstrated by all countries. For legality and legitimacy to come together in the United Nations Security Council, its composition and procedures must be changed urgently to reflect today's military and ideational realities.

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