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India Revisited

India Revisited Ranjit Sau IT is an established' practice that an article can, and does, make reference to works which are published elsewhere. My note in EPW, February 12, 1983, refers to, inter alia, an article of Amartya Sen that appeared in The New York Review of Books (NYRB), December 16, 1982, Reproduced below are the quotations, in the order they appeared in my note (emphasis was added and duly mentioned); page references to NYRB are now given against each.

Growth, Stagnation and Fluctuation in Indian Economy

Growth, Stagnation and Fluctuation in Indian Economy Ranjit Sau THERE are four alternative frames of reference for comparative assessment of the performance of an economy; (a) inter-temporal: Here the records of the economy for a given period is judged against those of another period, e g, India in the post-independence years vis-a-vis India in the preceding half a century.

Problems of Socialist Industrialisation

India in an aggravated form government is ma baap. Our feudal soil has kept this tradition alive. The furore over the disclosures on the Thal-Vaishet Project reflect this tradition.

Economic Crisis and Economic Theory

Keynesian economics has lost much of its effectiveness as a paradigm of world capitalism as a whole, or as a paradigm of individual developed capitalist economies.

Form and Substance of Value

Form and Substance of Value Ranjit Sau Value and Crisis: Essays on Marxian Economics in Japan by Makats Itoh; Monthly Review Press, New York, 1980; pp 191. $ 13.50.

Unequal Exchange Continued-A Comment

Unequal Exchange Continued A Comment Ranjit Sau WE adopt the following procedure. Each section begins with a clear statement of the problem; the views of V M Dandekar are given under the .sub-title VMD, citing clue reference to his earlier works; likewise our position is presented under RS.

Value, History and OPEC

Value, History and OPEC Ranjit Sau The Law of Value and Historical Materialism by Samir Amin; Monthly Review Press, New York, 1978; pp 133.
A SHORT story tells a little, suggests a lot, and leaves the rest to the reader's imagination. This slim monograph, has an important theme, and it succeeds in saying precious little.

Unequal Exchange of Errors A Reply

librium ones, our estimates contain a significant bias. Somewhat tricks- is the case of partial control. If the actual open market price is above the equilibrium open market price under partial control, the weighted average price pt would be above its equilibrium value; in this case ours will be an overestimate of the production cost of protection with partial control but closer to the production cost of protection alone. In the opposite case, the direction of the bias is reversed.

India s Economic Crisis- Reply

India's Economic Crisis Reply Ranjit Sau I HAVE tried hard to find possible areas of agreement with. Kitty Menoft's comment (September 15, 1979) on my note on India's economic crisis {March 3, 1979); but in vain. Difference between our views is sharp, and it makes the debate all the more inte- resting.

Unequal Exchange and Bourgeois Politics of Working Class

Unequal Exchange and Bourgeois Politics of Working Class A Comment Ranjit Sau UNEQUAL exchange can occur within an economy and also in trade between nations, It is a great merit of V M Dandekar that he has tried to build up an unified analytical framework to explain both the phenomena. He has made interesting use of Sraffa for this purpose.1 Several years ago, in 1972, Oscar Braun and Samir Amin had made similar attempts, and we have commented upon them elsewhere.2 Since Dandekar raises some of those issues again it is worthwhile to make a brief comment on his papers.

Concept of Unequal Exchange in International Trade- Reply

Geneva, April 1978. See, in particular, ILO, "Appropriate Technologies for Employment Generation in the Food Processing and Drinks Industries", World Employment Programme Research, Geneva, September 1977 (mimeo); G Mac- pherson and D Jackson, ''Village Technology for Rural Development", International Labour Review, February 1975, Vol III, No 2. Also, "The Politics and Problems of Appropriate Pumps", World Environment Day, The En- vironment Liaison Centre, London, June 5, 1978, and I Ahmed, "Rural Women and Technologies", Women at Work, 3/1978. 23 Elizabeth O'Kelly, "Appropriate Technology for Women", Development Forum, June 1978.


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