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Health Care Budgets in a Changing Political Economy

A meaningful analysis of recent health budgets can only be made in the context of the direct and indirect encouragement given by the state to the growth of the private sector in health services. First, the slowing down of state investment in the hospital sector and the subsidies, soft loans and duty and tax exemptions offered; second, the creation of a market for modern health care through the setting up of PHCs and cottage hospitals in the rural areas; and third, the consistent expansion in highly qualified medical personnel who could not be absorbed in the state sector.

NGOs, Government and Private Sector in Health

NGOs, Government and Private Sector in Health Ravi Duggal NGOs are private organisations, but their nature makes them somewhat different from what one generally refers to as the private sector. Firstly, organisations operating as NGOs are registered either as 'trusts' or 'societies'. As a consequence, they are not supposed to make profit, unlike the private sector.

Politics of III Health and Health Care

the brakes on resistance against the Raj. Narrow localism often impeded the progress of the insurgen's at critical moments.
Localism not only continues to come in the way of a concerted movement against the present Indian ruling classes, it is increasingly assuming aggressive and fraricidal forms to divide the exploited classes. Practitioners of radical movements in modern India are yet to overcome the impediment tha hampered the pro gress of peasant insurgency in the 18th and 19th centuries.


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