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Evolving a New Internet Governance Paradigm

The Edward Snowden revelations on pervasive and dragnet surveillance over the internet by the US National Security Agency (and other allied security agencies) - coupled with the nature of control the US exerts over the internet and telecommunications the world over - make it imperative that there is a new international framework to govern the internet.

Censoring the Internet: The New Intermediary Guidelines

The government's recent actions in notifying the Intermediary Guidelines for the internet with minimal public debate have resulted in the creation of a legal system that raises as many problems as it solves. The regulations as presently notified are arguably unconstitutional, arbitrary and vague and could pose a serious problem to the business of various intermediaries in the country (not to mention hampering internet penetration in the country) and also to the public at large who may face increased instances of censorship and invasion of privacy.

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