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Political Sanders, Minus the Edge

Outsider in the White House by Bernie Sanders with Huck Gutman, Three Essays Collective, 2016; pp xx+348, Rs 500.

Decoding Donald Trump

Donald Trump epitomises deeper fault lines and contradictions that bedevil America's image of itself. It is symptomatic of a populism that travels for the most part across party lines and political affiliations. Democratic candidates have also resorted to a softer populism on the idea of the foreigner intruding into sacred national territory.

Resurrection and Normalisation of Empire

An introductory essay to the special issue, this paper describes key factors that govern, and, at the same time, reflect the resurrection and normalisation of empire today. It elaborates on the normalisation of empire through three modes of thought and practice - the entrenchment of imperial exceptionalism as a norm of governance or political reason; the neo-liberal, economistic rationale for imperial intervention; and the historiographic redemption of empire. After presenting an outline of "imperial indifference", an attitude and practice that perpetuates the legitimation of empire, it describes the focus of each essay in the issue, and concludes with some thoughts on the futures of empire.

The Cyber Presence of Babri Masjid: History, Politics and Difference in Online Indian Islam

Although the demolition of Babri Masjid predates the invention of the worldwide web and the growth of internet usage in India, in online Indian Muslim discourse "Babri Masjid" serves as a focal point for articulating Indian Muslim identity. The cyber presence of Babri Masjid mediates competing historical narratives about Indian Islam, the political discourse of secular and constitutional citizenship, and questions of minority rights and religious difference. This paper describes some of the modes in which Indian Muslims use the internet to negotiate and express identity claims.

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