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Cultural Encounters

Of Umbrellas, Goddesses and Dreams: Essays on Goan Culture and Society by Robert Newman; Other India Press, Mapusa, Goa, 2001; pp 290, Rs 225.

Taboo or Veiled Consent?

Religious converters have found that when people convert, they must be seen to have converted. This requires insistence on certain rituals, dress, language, etc, in rejection of certain others. This article studies the list of prohibited items in the Goan inquisitorial edict of 1736 and finds many of them surviving among Christians even today.

Making Sense of Conflict

Making Sense of Conflict Rowena Robinson Social Conflict edited by N Jayaram and Satish Saberwal; Oxford University Press,
SOCIAL CONFLICT edited by Jayaram and Saberwal is a welcome addition to the series, Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology, whose general editor is T N Madan. Jayaram and Saberwal remind us in their introduction that sociology must confront conflict. For a long time the perspective on conflict in the social sciences tended to have very little realism about it. The early preoccupation with order in the social sciences tended to locate conflict negatively, as being incompatible with structure, temporary and aberrant. However, conflict clearly needs to be recognised and grappled with empirically and theoretically. Discourses on modernity also tended to see conflict

Making and Interpreting History

Making and Interpreting History Rowena Robinson Identity, Consciousness and the Past: Forging of Caste and Community in India and Sri Lanka edited by H L Sencviratne; Oxford University Press, Delhi,

Gender Asymmetry Made Easy

Rowena Robinson Caste as Woman by Vrinda Nabar; Penguin Books, New Delhi, 1995; pp 221
performance in agriculture and industry, Bangalore-centred urbanisation and persistent regional disparities with Hyderabad-Karnataka seriously lagging behind in most fields, VV contains a good discussion of these problems. It is the quest for growth rather for quick and easy growth which tempts the policy-maker to turn to the market and, even, to retreat on the front of agrarian and institutional reforms in the hope of achieving accelerated and broad-based growth. But these are tentative moves and there could be a phase of vacillation before a clear policy stance emerges.

Delegitimising of Traditional Violence

Moreover, without an identification of the historically determined constraints on development specific to each region it is not easy to see in what precise sense one region can learn from the experience of another.

Losing (Hope) to BJP

the government of India would continue and that the next periodic report would go some way towards allaying the concerns voiced by the committee.

The Cross Contestation and Transformation of a Religious Symbol in Southern Goa

A socio-historical analysis of the way the symbol of the cross has been assimilated by the converted Catholics in a village in Goa, the transformation it undergoes and the manner in which it can become the focus of keen contestation between different social groups brings out how it is hardly possible to continue to speak of an


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