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Himachal Pradesh: Pro-Incumbency Helps the BJP

Factionalism in the state Congress and a positive appraisal of the two-year old Prem Kumar Dhumal-led government in Himachal Pradesh helped the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party garner three out of the four Lok Sabha seats in the state. The privileging of local/state level issues over the national also helped ensure the BJP buck its national trend.

Himachal Pradesh Elections 2007: A Post-Poll Analysis

The Bharatiya Janata Party stormed to success in the 2007 election against a squabbleridden Congress, which failed to take advantage of the popular sentiment there in favour of its programmes. The election result showed that the political ground was shifting in the state with a more mature electorate looking beyond the old formulas of region, caste and religion.

Himachal Pradesh : Bipolar Contest

The two-party system appears to be getting entrenched in the electoral politics of the highly literate state of Himachal Pradesh. With both the Congress and the BJP having a stable support base, a marginal swing in votes decides the outcome of elections. The 2004 electoral verdict was effectively a performance evaluation of the party in power, and the elections also showed that the people voted for the party which they believed would perform better in the state.

Conversion of Coal into Oil and Chemicals-A Technology for Self-Reliant Growth

special code was provided for Par- sis (these cards pertained to the 20 per cent sample of Greater Bombay Population of about 8 million). The number of cards obtained (12,740) formed 19.7 per cent of the total number of Parsis in Greater Bombay, The sex-ratio of the sample population, however, was 994 as against 954 for the entire Parsi population in Greater Bombay. It thus appears that males are somewhat over represented in our sample compared to their proportion in the total population.

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