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China: Stability versus Stagnation

China's overarching obsession with stability risks stagnation due to a lack of political restructuring; the absence of political institutions to articulate rising social and political tensions may erode the system to a point where they erupt throwing the country into disarray and even chaos.

China's Bleak Economic Picture

The potential and promise of the Chinese El Dorado is spellbinding but the murkier side is well-hidden.

Australia's Backward March?

Australia's conservative establishment appears to want to keep their country in a time warp: after all why change when past policies - of immigration and the issue of aboriginals - have served the country so well? Besides, it is important for Australia to project itself as a harmonious and homogeneous nation so that security and other ties with the US may be nurtured.

War and Australian Elections

Australia's ruling Conservative coalition is set to reap the advantages of its recent 'tough' policies, following the September 11 strikes on the US and Australia's willing participation in the US-led alliance. Yet the ailing economy and rising unemployment remain a cause for worry as election day nears.

Australia in Crossfire

For long Australia has been one of the US's strong allies in the Pacific Ocean region, posing an effective counterpoise to Chinese aspirations in the area. However, in recent times, questions have been raised in the opposition and media about the need to maintain a careful balance between established friends such as the US and Australia's Asian neighbours.

Australia : Hundred Years of Federation

On the three important issues - the republic, Asia and the Aborigines, all considered important for Australia's contemporary national identity - there has been only halting movement. This is hardly the stuff of festive celebrations of a century of federation.

Danger from Falun Gong

Falun Gong, a non-political religious organisation in China, is being targeted by the Chinese government, which has banned the outfit. Practitioners of Falun Gong claim that many of its members have been detained or imprisoned. With a membership of over 100 million in China, Falun Gong continues to raise its voice demanding the right to practise its beliefs.

Economic Globalisation Sparks Protests

Protests against globalisation, as articulated in Melbourne during the World Economic Forum are too diffused and disparate to present alternative perspectives, but do make a case for pausing to reflect.

Japan's Economic Puzzle

Japan, with its public debt at 130 per cent of GDP, needs to square its national accounts. But the leaders worry more about social cohesion and prefer to go slow on economic reform.

China's Dangerous Brinkmanship

China is obviously worried that successive elections in Taiwan, particularly of its president, tend to give greater domestic legitimacy and international credibility to the island republic.

China's Dangerous Crisis

Beijing is currently obsessed with two issues: the question of Taiwan, and the quasi-religious Falun Gong movement, which the party ‘apparatchiks’ fear is threatening its unquestioned hold over the country. Combinedly they have the potential of plunging China into another political and social nightmare. 


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