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Two Banks and the Drug Industry

since works from Arabic and Persian, Islamic artistic forms are part of the vocabulary of most Indian languages and arts. Com- posite cultural art forms have certainly developed in the past.

OD, Health Care and, Social Change

The health care system in India needs to become more accessible and affordable to the poor and the unreached. This process requires prioritising plans, funds, activities, etc, in accordance with the needs of the health of the poor and the marginalised. Organisation Development (OD), it is argued here, is a useful tool for this purpose, especially as OD literature has tended to focus on operationalisation of concepts like collaboration, confrontation, authenticity, trust, support and openness.

Requiem for Nuclear Power

October 11, 1986 Requiem for Nuclear Power?
S Srinivasan THERE has been an increasing demand for a critical debate on the fundamental questions relating to nuclear energy, culture, environment and the political economy of energy budgets in India. Reflecting the increasing movement against nuclear energy was the attendance at the seminar in Bombay, August 9-10, 1986 on the Atoms in India'. There are now groups in Kerala, Kaiga (Karnataka) and Kakrapar (Surat) with a high degree of participation from the local people.


make him an important person in these newly emerging colonies. These functions also demand that the coloniser should have good contacts with politicians and officials.

For the Eager Manager

S Srinivasan New Techniques for Effective Sales Management by George B Wright, Rs 18; Effective Management Techniques for Getting Things Done by Lynn W Whiteside, Rs 16; The Successful Manager's Guide by William Wachs, Rs 16. All published by Vikas Publications, New Delhi.

Businessmen in Blinkers

Businessmen in Blinkers S Srinivasan nor Bharat Ram appeared to be interested in this aspect of the problem. As for D C Kothari, another speaker, he did not even bother to montion the question of cost control.

Management Convention or Shadow-Play

Review of Management May 1971 ments to increase its revenues and declare a dividend, without increasing its prices.
The favourable market situation has encouraged the company to undertake an expansion programme. During the Fourth Plan an additional investment of Rs two crores is envisaged in this LACK of realism and barking up the wrong tree marked the deliberations of the first All-India Management Convention held in mid-February at New Delhi. This could not have been due to ignorance or naivete on the part of those who participated in the convention; most of them are either senior professional managers or hard-headed industrialists or mature academics in the field of management education. Besides, one of the star performers, namely, our Prime Minister, is a consummate politician. The inescapable inference, therefore, is that many of those who spoke did so with tongues in their cheeks for which they must have had their reasons.

Limitations of Market Research

S Srinivasan Market research serves to reduce the arbitrary element in the marketing man's hunches.
But to invest its findings with near-infallibility is to subscribe to the thesis that human behaviour under given circumstances can be predicted with a reasonable degree of accuracy provided the techniques applied are sophisticated enough.


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