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Imphal Welcomes RBI

Thirty-seven years after I joined the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1978, as a direct-recruit officer at Madras (now Chennai), it is with mixed feelings that I welcome the opening of the RBI branch at Imphal, Manipur.

A Personal Loss

To the people of north-east India and to a wide circle of friends and associates B K Roy Burman will remain one person who stood for the identity of the tribals and other people of north-east India.

MANIPUR-Back to President s Rule

MANIPUR Back to President's Rule Sanamani Yambem RARE scenes were witnessed at Imphal's Tulihal airport on May 14, 1977 when Madhu Limaye and Rabi Ray, Janata Party observers arrived to study the political situation in Manipur, Practically everyone who wanted to ride on the Janata wave was there. Yang- inaso Shaiza the leader of the Janata legislative party was there with a team of colourful tribal girls all ready, with flowers and garlands; Kuilenpao, who before he joined the Janata Party was a member of the Dorendro ministry, and Alimuddin, a former chief minister and now deputy leader of the Janata legislature party, were also there. As the aircraft was sighted a small dispute arose between representatives of the organisation wing, led by Salam Tombi and Daiho, the president of the Manipur Janata Party, and those of the legislative wing as to who should first receive the two visitors, and garland them. When the aircraft did land neither of the two factions were able to meet Limaye and Rabi Ray, as they were whisked away by the Janata Party youth wing.

MANIPUR-Budget for 1976-77

condition of the working class, etc, Dange dismissed the whole issue of the GKU's exclusion from the scheme of workers' participation in management in the textile industry as rather irrelevant. Dange argued, "it doesn't matter that we do not get participation in the Bombay mills, for are we not represented adequately at the top, in the national apex body? Does not the government grant us our proper status in the top committees?". To those who did not understand his logic fully he gave another piece of advice: workers must tighten their belts' at this crucial juncture rather than complain about minor matters such as wages etc, and wail about their bad problems (". . . have not our conditions improved substantially over 25 years. It's a lie to say they have not. We complain that wages are not going up. Who says they are not? They are. Now, perhaps in Bombay, they arc not going up much, but in the public sector, they are. ..") The present conjuncture demanded of workers great sacrifices

Nupi Lan Manipur Women s Agitation, 1939

The Nupi Lan, which started as an agitation by Manipuri women against the economic policies of the Maharaja and the Marwari monopolists, later on changed its character to become a movement for constitutional and administrative reform in Manipur.

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