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Remember Easter of 1916?

Hundred years after the Irish declared a republic, the Easter Rising of 1916 remains a testament to both the feistiness and fallibility of the human spirit. This article recalls the emergence of a truly "rainbow coalition" from a fractious civic polity that would be emulated in other parts of the world with varying degrees of success.

Assam's New Voice of Dissent

Akhil Gogoi's Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti represents a pared-down, manageable voice of dissent in Assam. If the state government fails to engage him and continues to detain his kind under dubious charges, they will be left with a violent political abyss in due time.

Migration Matters in South Asia: Commonalities and Critiques

Migration within and out of south Asia has been a practice steeped in historical processes. This article identifies commonalities such as the significant macroeconomic role of migration and similar main destinations for south Asia's mobile populations. It critiques popular themes in the discourse on migration, like the focus on economic benefits of moving populations and the nation state as a reference point. The article questions the existing views of what it means for people to move from their homes, many times (but not only) across international borders. This

Rethinking India's Counter-insurgency Campaign in North-East

The optimism generated by proponents of India's "Look East" policy and tentative peace talks between armed opposition groups and the state would suggest that there has been a radical change in the government of India's north-east policy. However, militarisation and ethnic confrontation continue to define the parameters of public policy in India's north-east. Ethnic violence is accentuated by the existence of parallel political and administrative structures that undermine the rule of law. This article argues that the change in India's north-east is contingent upon the government's motivation to encourage transparency in governance and administration and to consciously move away from its existing reliance on archaic military solutions.

Ethnic Politics and Land Use

An analysis of conflicts in the north-east entails also a closer look at the wider debates on the issue of ethnicity. While official and administrative policies may generate impoverishment and ethnic conflict, ethnic claims of territorial integrity put forward by different groups are also often ranged against demands for a greater homeland demanded by others. This paper seeks to relate ethnic politics, to the growing importance of land relations and land use, by focusing on changes in land use patterns and social control over land in the North Cachar Hills.

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