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Delimitation on Basis of 2001 Census

The cabinet has recently cleared a bill amending the Delimitation Act 2002, to be introduced in parliament this session paving the way for the 2001 census to be used as the basis for delimitation. While this will take care of many distortions that would have occurred otherwise, another issue that needs to be resolved is whether reservation of seats should be undertaken on a rotational basis.

Workers in Census 2001

The recently released Census 2001 data on the number of workers has thrown up several issues which impinge on the estimation of the workforce in the country and its structure. While the growth of all workers overall is quite close to the approximations of the Planning Commission for the Ninth Plan, disaggregated for main and marginal workers, the data show startling variations.

Punjab : Assembly Elections-Decline of Identity Politics

With a new generation that has grown up in the post-militancy period, Gurdwara politics has little appeal and voters have tended to vote for a party that is expected to be most likely to maintain peace in the state, the Congress. While the BJP's traditional vote bank of upper caste Hindus has been eroded to the advantage of the Congress, the SAD has lost some of its support among the non-jat, especially OBC, Sikhs.

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