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For Big Business

The editorial “Desperate for Justice” (EPW, 25 May 2013) reveals the infringement and violation of human rights of the workers of Maruti’s Manesar plant.

The Great Bengal Crash - II

Subhanil Chowdhury’s article “The Political Economy of Shadow Finance in West Bengal” on the web exclusives section of the EPW website brings out the story of one of the greatest swindling episodes after Independence.

Doctors for Rural India

The editorial “Doctors for Rural Areas” (13 April 2013) is highly practical and convincing. In view of the dearth of capacity of preparing an MBBS doctor, our country lacks the number of doctors required for serving the rural areas.

No Economic Logic

Your editorial on the Union Budget 2013 “At the Feet of Rating Agencies” (EPW, 9 March 2013) is well-balanced and discusses the hard realities of the Indian economy. The policymakers in North Block seem to have forgotten the basic logic of economic management.

On Finance Commissions - II

The editorial comment “A Burdensome Agenda for the Fourteenth Finance Commission” (EPW, 26 January 2013) has many convincing suggestions to ponder over.

Food Security

The commentary on “Right to Food” (EPW, 13 August 2011) expresses the hard realities and the weaknesses of the draft of the National Food Security Bill.

Neglect of People

N Somorendro Singh’s article “State of Education in Manipur” (EPW, 4 June 2011) demonstrates the utter callousness and apathy of the leadership of Manipur and other relatively backward states to educate the citizens of the country.

Taming Inflation

Your editorial comment “Anchoring Inflation Expectations” (7 May 2011) on the annual monetary policy statement of 2011-12 is cogent.

Democratic Dividends

C H Hanumantha Rao’s illuminating article “India and China: A Comparison of the Role of Sociopolitical Factors in Inclusive Growth” (EPW, 16 April 2011) describes the sociopolitical factors that favour or stand in the way of promoting inclusive growth.

Caution over Foreign Banks

T T Ram Mohan’s analysis of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) discussion paper (“Foreign Banks: RBI Gets the Balance Right”, EPW, 9 April 2011) on foreign banks is enlightening and appropriate as far as role of foreign banks in the Indian economy is concerned.

Change at Writers' Buildings?

Your editorial “Hoodlum Years: A Rerun on the Anvil?” (EPW, 26 March 2011) was timely. Numerous examples can be given about the activities of a party which has ruled in the name of Karl Marx but does not hesitate to unleash repression even on the proletariat.

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