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The 'Radia'ctive Indian Media

There has been a gross simplification of the issues involved in the exposures in the Radia tapes on the lack of integrity among mediapersons. In order to understand how exactly journalists really function it is necessary to understand the overall context in which they operate and clarify some of the persistent myths about what the profession is all about. Four myths in particular need to be dissected: That it enjoins journalists, more than other professionals, to be ethical, that they should and can be neutral in their reportage, that owners of media businesses are interested in good journalism and that journalism is the prerogative of those employed in the media industry.

Global Hypocrisy on Myanmar

The more powerful countries in the world, in Europe, north America and south-east Asia, which could put pressure on the Myanmar junta, have refused to go beyond expressing homilies of support for the pro-democracy movement. Selfish commercial interests lie behind the global hypocrisy on Myanmar even as the junta orders the murder of its citizens. No regime has emerged more shamed than the government of India.

Thai Coup in Hot Soup

Opposition to the military coup in Thailand is slowly increasing. The military, for its part, is toying with the idea of rewriting the democratic 1997 constitution.

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