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Wastes Not Wanted

in the control area in the same period. An estimated gas-affected population of 5,00,000 will require some kind of health care or other for the next 20 years. The total cost of such health care comes to $ 1.14 billion. It needs to be mentioned that the total compesation claimed by the Indian government is $ 3 .3 billion and the compensation amount calculated by the Citizens Commission on Bhopal, a US-based coalition of 50 social and environmental organisations, was 4.1 billion dollars. The health care costs arrived at in the present note, therefore, are quite in accordance with the foremen- tioned amounts of total compensation.

Tackling Global Warming-Who s to Pay

While there is sufficient evidence of potential damage due to two related climatic phenomena, ozone depletion and greenhouse effect, tackling the problems they create involves a fundamental change in energy consumption patterns especially in the west and thus, a way of life.

Nuclear Waste The White Man s Burden

NUCLEAR waste disposal is already a growth business involving billion dollar contracts. In the US in August this year,1 TRW Inc bagged one in Nevada, defeating Bechtel Corporation, favoured by the US officials, in court action. For 40 years, the American bomb-makers have been pouring nuclear wastes into the ground beneath their factories

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