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Patterns of Marriage Dissolution in India

Data from the Census and District Level Household Survey-3 (2007–08) are used in this paper. The factors of marriage dissolution in India and its regions are investigated using multivariate hazard analysis. The results show that dissolution rates are higher in North-east, South, and West India than in other regions. The risk of marriage dissolution is twice as high for women in urban areas than rural, and higher among the poor than the non-poor, and among the childless than among women with at least one child.

An Indian Demographer

Ashish Bose, a well-known demo-grapher, passed away on 7 April 2014 at 11 am.

Demographic Transition or Demographic Trepidation? The Case of Parsis in India

The Parsi community in India is declining in absolute numbers since 1941. To what extent was this decline affected by enumeration, fertility decline or emigration? This article examines the relative importance of these factors in the light of the 2001 Census and demonstrates that the unprecedentedly low fertility among the Parsis is the prime contributor in its declining population size.

Sex Selective Abortion in Haryana

A declining child sex ratio has been one of the important concerns of India's demography. Haryana is a developed state showing a falling trend in the child sex ratio over the last two decades. The present study aims to understand the magnitude of sex selective abortions and its reasons in Haryana. Interviewing a total of 2,590 households and 2,646 ever married women in the reproductive ages, the study provides indirect evidence of sex-selective abortions based on the data on pregnancy history of women, spontaneous and induced abortions and ultrasound status.

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