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A Second Financial Centre for Bombay Where Should It Be

A Second Financial Centre for Bombay Where Should It Be?
If we are to avoid needlessly inflicting costs and inefficiencies on financial activity in the city, both immediately and forever into the future, the proposed second Financial Centre for Bombay must be located in south Bombay. But this will require a determined effort from the government and several related actions.

Software Policy Westward Ho

medicines for minor ailments. Curative services have little lasting effect on health status. Besides with the charges that CH Ws were allowed to take only limited resources can be mobilised through curative services. For preventive services where the entire community is mobilised to pay for a service, larger resources can be mobilised, CHWs may consider such returns worth the increased effort they have to put for extending such service.

BOMBAY- Janata Colony to Cheetah Camp Redeeming the Wrong

cern for maintaining the standards of education in this country and, in the process, ensuring the employ ability of the Indian graduates the world over. But a similar concern for expanding the facilities for medical education and ensuring a reasonable supply of doctors at home seems to be entirely absent.

A Research Programme for Urban Housing

of inputs times their respective production elasticities. In this case it works out as follows:
Thus the inputs by themselves would contribute a 10 per cent growth rate in the Soviet agriculture. But the agricultural plan itself envisages a growth rate of 5 per cent only. Therefore, should the plan be realised, it would mean that the rate of 'technical progress' in Soviet agriculture is actually negative; precisely it is

Regional Planning for Bombay

Shirish B Patel Bombay is the third city in India to have undertaken some form of metropolitan planning on a regional scale, earlier instances being those of Delhi and Calcutta. It is the fifth, if one includes also the quite valuable regional planning work that has centred on two other urban areas, Mysore and Kanpur. The Bombay Metropolitan Regional Planning Board thus had a great deal to go on by way of precedent.

Transport Planning for Indian Cities

Shirish B Patel For efficient planning of goods transport in an urban area location of activities involving movement of goods needs to be carefully controlled. At present, however, industrial locations are specified or permitted in and around our cities and towns with almost every other consideration in mind except the volume and direction of the goods traffic that is likely to be generated as a result.

Planning Metropolitan Transport

Planning Metropolitan Transport Shirish B Patel THE STORY goes that James A Garfield, twentieth President of the United States, asked his gardener one day how long a certain tree would take to grow and when told "Forty years", exclaimed: "Then we have no time to lose. We must plant it this afternoon". The moral of the story, presumably, is that in determining priorities in one's work, what is important comes first, not what is expedient.


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