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Nuclear Energy Is Good and Clean-A Plain and Simple Speech

and it is customary to allow it a politeness of 90days before looking at it critically. But that politeness is to the cabinet as a collectivity. The BJP is, however, more than BJP. It has in its fold a bunch of individuals who in search of power have traversed the ideological canvas from left to right : There is Maneka Gandhi who hides her depredations during the emergency by being kind to animals. There is George Fernandes who alleviates his allergy for the Congress by embracing any form of anti-Congressism. Then there is Rangarajan Kumaramangalam who has been made minister for power and it is his performance which is the focus of this essay, On March 24, Business. India along with UNDP and World Times convened a seminar at the Habitat Centre in Delhi. It was one of those up-market shows on the twin pillars of globalisation, the information society and the role of private finance capital. The subliminal message was the withering away of the state.

The Sadness of Cotton

Shiv Visvanathan Underlying the reports and reactions of officials to the suicides of cotton farmers is a yuppie social Darwinism. The farmers are presented as failures, as those who didn't make it, into life's supermarket There is no examination of the larger grammar of forces within which suicide became the answer.

Gujral s Red Fort Doctrine

Shiv Visvanathan Today in India to be, is to be corrupt. The tout, the clerk the cop, the gangster, the MP, the MIA have turned India into a grand 'hafta' economy. In fact the bribe is the fundamental transaction of the Indian state. It is the first act of participation, of citizenship. The question is, does Gujral plan to disenfranchise us?


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