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Oodles of Noodles

Despite the recent brouhaha over the safety of the popular Maggi brand of noodles, there are many who still swear by the humble cup of stringy comfort food.

Speak, Memory

If music be the food of love, play on, said the Bard, whose emotions are echoed in this piece by a hopelessly romantic wanderer.

A God of Climbing

Belapur in Navi Mumbai, the region’s capital for the rock-climbing sport of bouldering, is fast losing its appeal due to fervent religious worshippers.

The Best News

As the frontier of exploration, space technology stands on the shoulders of more mundane developments to reach the vast expanse above us.


If sport seeks to matter by giving the arena what it wants, then the marketable format, with its thirst for success at any cost, is what it will get.

My Myth and I

Modern climbing is obsessed with goals and objectives as climbers strive for the myth of the courageous gladiator. 

The Great Outdoors

The lure of the outdoors derives from an aesthetic of delicate balance and elegance in equilibrium.

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