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Sinai–Palestine Campaigns, 1915–18

In a bid to secure its control over the Indian subcontinent, the British empire left no stone unturned in maintaining its stronghold over the various routes leading to India. The war in Sinai and Palestine was a result of this compulsion, to prevent Germany and the Ottoman empire from gaining access to the Suez region, which was a gateway to India and the East. Diplomatic maneouvres in Saudi Arabia and the Zionist movement were also tactical moves undertaken with the aim of securing Britain’s prized Indian territories.

Reflections on 'Normalisation' of Imperialism

A rejoinder to Rohit Chopra's "Resurrection and Normalisation of Empire" (26 March 2011) which sees imperialism in the 21st century as understood in the global North; the people of erstwhile colonies should not resign themselves to accepting this nomenclature. The phrase "normalisation of empire" has been coined in the west for consumption by the west and should be treated as such.

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