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The Russian Revolution, the Third International and the Colonial Question

The establishment of the Communist International and the installation of Soviet power contributed to a new understanding of the colonial question, as revealed in the deliberations of the Comintern Congresses. The setback of the European revolutions largely contributed to the recognition of the crucial importance of the colonial question by the Comintern, ideologically and organisationally. But the relations between the communist parties in the colonies and the metropolitan countries, together with the growing “Russification” of the Comintern, blocked many of its possibilities.

Understanding Gramsei Some Exploratory Observations

Much of the confusion centring on Gramsci stems from the notion, that his thought has an essentially voluntarist slant. What one misses in this understanding is the appropriation of the working class in the allegedly voluntarist framework of Gramsci's thought. Thus what one locates beyond the so-called voluntarism is the central emphasis on class rather than any abstract humanism and Gramsci's Marxism thereby acquires a dimension which is at once revolutionary and creative.

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