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Where Does India Stand on the Right to Self-determination?

Demands for right to self-determination leading to secession cannot be prohibited and criminalised in India as the Supreme Court considers acquisition and cession of territory as a sovereign right outside the Constitution.

Decriminalising Creative 'Offence'

Banning of books takes place in the name of reasonable restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. Though these laws are of colonial times, they have been upheld through constitutional provisions on the ground of preventing hate speech. While limiting these restrictions to the narrowest possible circumstances of hate speech, it is necessary to draw juridical severance between academic, artistic and creative work, and hate speech, allowing absolute freedom to the former, while preventing the latter.

The Bizarre Proposal for "Humanitarian" Military Intervention in Syria

In the absence of justification under either of the UN Charter provisions or Security Council or General Assembly authorisations, a US military intervention in Syria would amount to an illegal war involving state responsibility under international law.

Chhattisgarh Killings

The discourse on deaths in "encounters" with Maoists as in Chhattisgarh in June is usually framed in terms of whether or not the victims were Maoists. This is a wrong way of positing the issue. If the confl ict is dealt with as a law and order concern, then police fi ring is permissible only in self-defence. If it is seen as an armed confl ict, then under international conventions different rules apply, but the Government of India has refused to recognise the actions against the Maoists as part of an (non-international) armed confl ict.

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