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Setback in Nepal

The split among the Maoists at a time when there is yet another deadlock in the Constitution writing process in Nepal is a major setback for both the democratic process as well as the left movement in that country.

Moment for Peace and Constitution-Building in Nepal

After almost three years of political flux and pessimism, a measure of clarity finally seems to be emerging in Nepal. The newly formed Baburam Bhattarai-led Maoist-Madhesi coalition government enjoys immense public support and is expected to conclude the peace process, but the opposition led by the Nepali Congress could pose obstacles as it is wary about losing the "peace dividend" if this were to happen. How the Maoists in government manage to tackle differences with the opposition and from within will determine both the outcome of the peace process and the writing of the constitution in the new republic.

Decolonising Knowledge Systems

A conference on "Decolonising Our Universities" held in June in Penang, Malaysia, offered interesting perspectives on the need for and ways to foster epistemologies and pedagogies that are devoid of Eurocentric and colonial bias and prejudice.

Development and Displacement: Resentment in the Kutch

A visit to the coastal areas adjoining the Mundra port in the Kutch reveals discontent among fisherfolk, traders and pastoralists over the creation of a special economic zone in the area. Apart from environmental concerns, the traditional livelihoods of residents in the area have also been affected by the new industrial projects, leading to organised protests, as witnessed in Bhadreswar village a few months ago.

A Decisive Mandate

Despite losing many of its coalition parties before the polls, the United Progressive Alliance managed to win emphatically in the 15th Lok Sabha elections. Yet another spell in opposition awaits the Bharatiya Janata Party, while the Left has suffered its worst defeat in many years.

Nepal Political Diary-III

A visit to the Kathmandu valley, the political and cultural centre of Nepal after the constituent assembly elections brings the author in touch with leaders of the major political parties, public intellectuals, and the representatives of commerce and industry. This is the third and final part of the author's diary of his travels in Nepal during May.

Nepal Political Diary - II

A visit to the hilly areas of the mid-west and the west in Nepal is an eye-opener to what the Maoists have done to revive the fortunes of the left. This is the second of a three-part diary of the author's travels in Nepal during May.

Nepal Political Diary-I

What are the reasons for the Maoist victory in the constituent assembly elections in Nepal? What motivated the Nepali people to vote for such a decisive change? What are the hopes and aspirations of the Nepali people? What are the main structural features of this most underdeveloped country in the world? To find out, the author travelled through the hills and plains of Nepal over a fortnight in April-May after the CA elections. This is the first of a three-part diary of the visit.

Cricket, Excesses and Market Mania

The Indian Premier League is seen as a bonanza for cricket viewers, players and corporate owners, but hidden behind the glitz is the fact that it represents a distorted form of commodity and consumer excess.


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