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The 'Employing Workers Index'

This article reviews a prominent index in ongoing debates concerning labour regulations, the World Bank's Employing Workers Index. Drawing on research and studies on the EWI and its economic impact, it addresses three interrelated issues. First, the rationale behind labour regulations and labour standards and their evolution over time. It argues that these regulations and standards are as relevant in today's world as they were in the past. Second, the paper reviews the methodological basis of the EWI and its scope in interpreting the economic impact of labour regulations. Third, it argues for moving beyond indicator-based rankings, to develop a better understanding of the complex interactions between different labour market institutions and the impediments to effective implementation of labour norms. In this context, the paper provides some insights into the limitations of the current labour regulatory framework in India in protecting workers' rights.

Nature of Employment in the Food Processing Sector

An attempt to assess the employment potential of the food processing sector, while examining the nature of employment and the quality of work. A field study conducted to detail the wages, conditions of workers, employment security, social security, gender bias, etc, in mango jelly and pickle making in the unorganised segment and fish processing and cashew processing in the factory sector in Andhra Pradesh brings out several problems in the quality of employment. The average wage of these workers is only 48% of the statutory minimum. Women, who are the major victims, working under poor conditions without any social security, earn only half of what their male counterparts do. Meanwhile, it is also found out that some of the food processing jobs are denied to the scheduled castes, which suggests discrimination on the basis of caste.

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