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The Missing Minaret of Jama Masjid

In Agra’s Jama Masjid, a missing minaret tells a story of the unequal heritage of monuments.

Railways for Daily Commuters

For commuting to new towns and cities which are facing the challenges of urbanisation, a viable transport option is the use of the railways’ Mainline Electric Multiple Units, which could, if properly planned, provide seamless connectivity.

Comparing Western UP and Bundelkhand

For large states like Uttar Pradesh, there are always inter-regional comparisons regarding economic development and growth. However, without taking cognizance of the performance on the human development front, such comparisons often yield an incomplete and misleading picture. By factoring in these indicators, this article attempts to compare levels of human development in the two economic regions of UP, namely Bundelkhand and Western UP.

Caste Publications

Modern political culture has given viable incentive for various castes to develop their respective subcultures to consolidate their power in a competitive social world. Print media becomes the basis of these subcultures as it provides a viable option both for the consolidation of a shared identity as well as its communication. This article tries to illustrate the role played by print culture in materialising upper caste subcultures and their respective organisational politics through an empirical study of various registered upper caste publications in Uttar Pradesh.

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