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From Import Substitution to Export Promotion-Policy Planning in India s Foreign Trade Sector

Promotion Policy Planning in India's Foreign Trade Sector Sunanda Sen This paper analyses the nature and implications of the current export-promitional strategies being pursued in India. The discussion aims to focus attention on (I) trends in the export-promotional policies; (2) the premises of these policies; and (3) the actual experience in regard to export performance, contrast- ed with the objective so the export promotional measures.


Strategies for Equity Ifzal Ali B M Desai R Ramakrishna V S Vyas This paper attempts to focus on the prospects and problems of Indian agriculture by the turn of the century. Its emphasis is mainly on issues relating to distribution, and the increasing of the purchasing power of the poorest segments of the population.

Major Planks in Export Policy

Major Planks in Export Policy Sunanda Sen India's Exports and Export Policies in the 1960s by Deepak Nayyar; Cambridge University Press, Blackie and Son, India, 1976; pp 392; Price $ 12,50 (Rs 100).

Strategy of Export-Oriented Growth-A Theoretical Note

Use of export incentives to promote exports is typically justified by the following arguments:
(a) That a rise in exports enables the existing production units in the exports sector to increase the rate of utilisation of capacity or to create fresh capacity through the additional demand for such goods from the foreign market (b) That such a rise in export earnings enables the existing units of production in the domestic economy to create and utilise capacity by making it possible for them to make the necessary comple- mentary imports from abroad.

Smuggling, Exchange Controls and Indian Economy

Economy Sunanda Sen The failure of the governments recent drive to curb smuggling is illustrative of the self-defeating nature of controls in a partially planned economy. This paper argues that smuggling, like other devices to evade government controls, is inherent in the structure of a mixed economy. Attempts to control such evasion through a manipulation of the instruments open to the State in a mixed economy are not likely to meet with much success unless the reforms are extensive enough to change the character of the State itself.

Financial Reclassification of India s Balance of Payment

Financial Reclassification of India's Balance of Payments Sunanda Sen To be useful, the balance of payments statement of a country should reveal information which is relevant for policy making. The accounting concept of balance of payments, it is now accepted is both out-dated and unsatisfactory as a tool for analysis of a country's international financial position, 'This paper suggests a new approach to classification of balance of payments. This approach may provide a better indication of a developing country's creditworthiness as also of its vulnerability in its payment relations.


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