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Understanding Capitalism through Lohia

Extending Lohia to our times, we can infer an important truth about capitalism. Capitalist development cannot take place without colonial or neocolonial exploitation. In the absence of external colonies or neocolonies, capitalism tries to create internal colonies, but they are not enough for full-fledged modern industrial development, which requires both exploitation of labour and the plunder and destruction of natural resources on a global scale. If internal colonial exploitation is fundamental to capitalism and unequal exchange in various forms is one of its important mechanisms, the Third World can be liberated only when it breaks away from the present system of international trade, exchange and finance and looks at ways of building an alternative society in all senses.

Higher Education

We the teachers’ and students’ organisations, grass-roots groups, academics and social activists from 16 different states representing the All India Forum for Right to Education (AIF-RTE) are deeply distressed at the policies of systemic withdrawal of the State from higher (including professional

Fishing in the Tawa Reservoir-Adivasis Struggle for Livelihood

Adivasis Struggle for Livelihood Sunil Smitha Fishing co-operatives of adivasis are emerging as a reliable alternative in preserving the natural resources of the Tawa reservoir.

Atrocities at Bankhedi-Police-Forest Officers Nexus

Police-Forest Officers Nexus Sunil Smita The increasing attacks on daits and adivasi villagers by forest officials and the police is aimed at suppressing the growing peoples movements in the area. The recent incident of gang rape of four adivasi girls by forest staff is a case in point.

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