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Zika in an Age of Global Health Emergencies

The only way to check Zika is by controlling breeding sites of the vector, the aedes mosquito close to human habitations. It requires clean water to lay its eggs; checking it requires meticulous control of water sources inside and around homes, as well as spraying. When even a pampered New Delhi has been unable to achieve this control, there is little ground for optimism that it can happen elsewhere in India. The best scenario is for Zika to serve as a real wake-up call for community-based and community-empowered mosquito control programmes.

China's Hong Kong Conundrum

The cosy relationship that the Hong Kong establishment cabal had earlier with London and now with Beijing has been broken by the mass protests of university and high school students. China's problem is that animosity in Hong Kong towards Beijing has grown since reunifi cation in 1997; those on the streets seeking an unfettered right to elect their government have grown up after reunification. China cannot now hope that the Hong Kong model will persuade Taiwan to unite with it.

Mobile Phones and Cancer: More Evidence Needed

A World Health Organisation research centre which has reviewed hundreds of studies on the health effects of mobile phone use has decided to classify the radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones as "possibly carcinogenic". This classification says more about the quality of the evidence available from studies, rather than about whether radio frequency electromagnetic fields increase the risk of cancer. In plain language, the WHO centre's answer to whether mobile phone usage poses a cancer risk is that it might but we do not know enough about it as yet.

Little Can Be Achieved through Negotiations on Tibet

Irreconcilable differences exist on the nature of autonomy demanded by the Dalai Lama and what the Chinese are willing to concede. This has stalled any moves for a lasting settlement of the Tibetan question, making way for recurrent periods of unrest.

Gandhi s Man in the South

The Adverse Capital-Output Ratio Vinod Vyasulu Capital Output Ratio in the Indian Economy by V P Chitale; Economic and Scientific Research Foundation, Radiant Publishers, New Delhi, 1986.

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