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Underconsumption as an Economic Fault

Employment, Growth and Development: Essays on a Changing World Economy by Deepak Nayyar, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2017; pp xiv + 260, `895.


An Influential Relationship

The Rise of Big Business in India by Kamal Aron Mitra Chenoy, Delhi: Aakar Books, 2015; pp 342, 895.

Theory and Practice of International Trade

Some insights into the prospects of the Indian garment industry in terms of opportunities for a larger share of the world export trade and whether it would create many more jobs.

Chris Bayly

I am thankful for Ajay Skaria’s moving tribute to Chris Bayly (“Remembering Chris Bayly,” EPW, 23 May 2015). I had not met him for many years but can vouch for his humanity and openness that has been described. And the description of his place in contemporary academic history is useful.

Questioning Roy's Interpretation

Tirthankar Roy’s “The Economic Legacies of Colonial Rule in India: Another Look” (EPW, 11 April 2015) was expectedly stimulating and informative —but I would like to raise a couple of questions.

Regulator Concerns

In general Renuka Sane and Susan Thomas’ article on “Regulating Microfinance Institutions” (EPW, 2 February 2013) is a judicious and insightful one. But I think one statement may raise an important question – not only for this

Why Is India Shining?

It is likely that India's accelerating growth and productivity is the result not of one but many efficient causes. Economic development is often overdetermined. A more promotional government stance, better infrastructure, previous investments in human capital and technology, trade and internal liberalisation and expansive fiscal policy may have all played some role in the acceleration.

Markets and Identity

Markets and Identity Community and Public Culture by Anne Hardgrove, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2004; pp xxx+309, Rs 595.
THOMAS TIMBERG This is an eminently readable volume about the sense of identity of the Marwaris of Kolkata, their relations to Bengalis and others, and how these two have played themselves out over the course of the 20th century. It is informed by a lot of social and anthropological theory about such matters, a good deal of archival research, and considerable personal involvement by the author. Readers would do well to read the preface where some of the personal interactions are analysed. Some of the most valuable insights come from understanding how young women react to these identity questions; one of the interesting follow-on questions is how the old men involved really think about these matters. The general issue of community identity and what it means is clearly an item of continuing and current interest. The back jacket conveniently notes a set of other Oxford University Press India titles considering

Decades of Change

will be appreciable but not devastating.
Decades of Change Garments do account for 77 per cent of Jagatpur 1977-1997: Poverty and Social Change in Bangladesh by Kamal Siddiqui; University Press, Dhaka, 2000;

Scratches on the Sands of Time

Scratches on the Sands of Time Prospective Economic Studies of Indian Villages Thomas Timberg Economic Development in Palanpur over Five Decades edited by Nicholas Stern and Peter Lanjouw; Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1998. Village Voices: Forty Years of Rural Transformation in South India by T Scarlett Epstein, A P Suryanarayana and T Thimmegowda; Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, CA, 1998.


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