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State and Society in India: Porous Boundary

The Everyday State and Society in Modern India edited by C J Fuller and Veronique Benei, Social Science Press, New Delhi, 2000; pp xi + 220, Rs 465.

Social Science: Dialogue for Revival

This paper takes an overview of a recently organised seminar at MIDS on the state of social science research in India. Besides focusing on the ills that beset social science research at present, more important was the realisation that social science had to be 're-rooted' in the light of everyday experience and the need for researchers to reach beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and arrive at a meaningful dialogue with other disciplines.

Political Decentralisation and Development Models

The proposed 87th Constitution amendment bill and its countrycousin the Andhra Pradesh Ordinance have highlighted once again something which has characterised the entire history of political decentralisation in India: the link between decentralisation and the model of development pursued at a given point of time.

Britain Going beyond the Beef

The crisis precipitated by the infected British beef has questioned our sanity in preferring unbridled market forces and quick technological solutions.

Kuvempu End of an Era

V K Natraj Besides his enriching contributions to Kannada literature, K V Puttappa will be remembered for his deep humanitarian spirit K V PUTTAPPA, one of the greatest poets and men of letters in Kannada passed away on November 10, 1994. Popularly known as Kuvempu, he strode the Kannada literary scene for almost half a century as poet, novelist, essayist, dramatist, critic and an ardent champion of Kannada. No honour bypassed him. He was Kannada's first Jnanapith award winner. The state government bestowed upon him the title Rashtrakavi. He was professor of Kannada, principal of Maharaja's college and the vice-chancellor of the university of Mysore. He was the first professor of Kannada to become a vice-chancellor. He became a legend in his life time.

Karnataka Elections and After

Deve Gowda, the new Janata Dal chief minister of Karnataka, is a leader with a mass base, but where he will find himself tested is as a political manager The vokkaligas and the lingayats have established a hold over the party, but how long the accommodation between them will last remains to be seen.

KARNATAKA-Steady Advance to Backwardness

Steady Advance to Backwardness V K Natraj The new reservation policy of the Karnataka government is an illustration of a conundrum: any policy of protective discrimination can succeed only if it enjoys the support of at least one dominant group but the very inclusion of that group will make a mockery of the policy.

Conditionalities and Assistance-Looking for the Immutable

Attaching conditionalities to aid can drive the third world even more precipitously down into the chasm, making retrieval that much more difficult. Are 'development contracts' a less offensive alternative?


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