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Unpacking Participation in Kathputli Colony

This paper examines Delhi's first slum in situ redevelopment project under public-private partnership undertaken by the Delhi Development Authority in Kathputli Colony. At a time where the principle of community participation is recognised in policy documents, this research focuses on its implementation in this project, at the ground level, highlighting the challenges of participation in the context of a settlement with multiple communities. A preliminary assessment raises a series of questions regarding the management of such redevelopment projects. It further illustrates core issues for participation and mobilisation, including the role of non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations.

Slum Demolitions in Delhi since the 1990s: An Appraisal

The redevelopment and beautification of the capital for the making of a "world-class city" have entailed a heavy cost in terms of slum demolitions. A survey documenting the change of land use that has taken place on the sites of demolished slum clusters highlights the emerging processes and trends. Some of its findings question the stated principle of the Delhi slum policy, namely, the removal and relocation of squatter settlements only when the land is required to implement projects in the "larger public interest". The preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games further provides the urban authorities with an opportune context to "clean up" the city from its slums.

Impact of In-Migration on Industrial Development-Case Study of Jetpur in Gujarat

Impact of In-Migration on Industrial Development Case Study of Jetpur in Gujarat Veronique Dupont This paper examines the impact of in-migration on the industrialisation process of a middle-sized town. Migration is taken as a major factor of urbanisation and industrialisation where migrants are considered dynamic agents who influence this process. An assessment is made of how and to what extent migrants have benefited from this process, as entrepreneurs or as part of the labour force.

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