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Bioethics, Medicine and Society: A Provocative Trilogy

Contemporary technological innovations and social developments have led to enormous changes in human fate and freedom. With ethical complexities and challenges emerging in modern medicine, bioethics seeks ways in which people in societies can work together under the provision of medical care and research. The argument is conducted by means of a brief history of bioethics. The field is supposed to provide an insight into the issues of moral community, and into how society understands political authority and its appropriate exercise. As a social movement, bioethics developed in the mid-20th century as a critical discourse, a response to felt inhumanities in the system of healthcare and biomedical research.

Changing Perspectives in Public Health

From Population to an Individual This paper focuses on the overriding influence of methodological individualism in the historical construction of public health. While evidence of a holistic approach to health is observed in the writings of people like Hippocrates, the developments subsequent to the establishment of the Cartesian paradigm, contained strong elements of individualism. In fact, systematic epidemiological studies in the 19th century rightly justified epidemiology

Social Construction of Health

The science of health has been characterised by positivism and extreme rationalism, divested from its social and economic context. The use of social sciences is still confined in the prison of reductionism for with the increased interaction of the disciplines of medical sociology and psychology with health, there is a greater adherence to the quantitative method, nowhere more evident than the interaction of behaviourism to health. This, in turn, obfuscates both the causes of disease and ill health in a society and therefore, the quest for solutions. This study tries in its different sections to expose the handiwork of such deterministic sciences.

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