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An Opposition Delayed Is Democracy Denied

The timely appointment of an officially recognised Leader of opposition is crucial for maintaining democratic polity.

The Case for a Parliamentary Budget Office in India

It remains notable that the quality and comprehensiveness of the budget scrutiny process through the debate and the standing committees is weak. Parliamentary scrutiny of public finance is a very important aspect for holding governments accountable to the people. Strengthening Parliament’s oversight apparatus calls for proper attention and requires a thorough overhaul. Establishing a Parliamentary Budget Office, an independent and impartial body linked directly to Parliament, is a fitting response to this concern.

Right to Recall Legislators: The Chhattisgarh Experiment

The recall election in June in three municipal bodies in Chhattisgarh marked a national first in the call to accountability of non-performing representatives of the people. However, it is possible to use this provision to settle political scores as has been alleged in the Chhattisgarh case. Loopholes for such abuse need to be removed to make the right to recall a democratic tool that will ensure accountability.

Recall of Parliamentarians: A Prospective Accountability

It is time Indian voters got the right to recall non-performing elected representatives and a chance to suggest to the parties their choice of candidates. An extra-parliamentary body must also be set up to scrutinise the conduct of Members of Parliament inside and outside the House.

Making the Indian Budget

Open and participatory budget making is imperative for good governance; yet by international standards India fares badly on this count. This article analyses the process of budget preparation and suggests how it can be made more transparent and participatory.

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