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Emerging markets, including India, must brace for depreciating pressure on their currencies and volatility in markets.
The rising importance of the SCO is an indicator of the growing strategic exhaustion with the US -led world order.
The central investigative agencies must catch the bigger cause and not just the effect.
The NCRB data on suicides by daily wage earners underscore the social structural determinants of mental well-being.
The challenge before the new government is to deliver on the ideological and policy promises of the Mahagathbandhan.
Nancy Pelosi’s visit highlights the contradictions of the United States’ arrangement with China over Taiwan.
The Supreme Court’s blessing for the PMLA shows its contempt for human rights and the Constitution.
Transformative affirmation of gender equality ipso facto rules out “economic man” as a privileged entity.
In the politics of symbolism, there is a choice between benevolent and fierce images.
The intersection of the political upheaval and economic crisis can transform the state and society in Sri Lanka.
The disillusionment with the true nature of the Indian judiciary is appalling.
The fall of the MVA government in Maharashtra leaves behind a residue of alarming precedents.
Uneven profits across sectors, input cost pressures, and a rise in interest rates coupled with a weaker rupee could put the brakes on the pace of firms’ profits.
An alternative historical research must be critical of the fixation with imperial histories.
The violence against minority communities in Kashmir requires a multipronged solution. Rekha Chowdhary writes: The recent target killings by militants have highlighted the vulnerability of minorities...


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